The 2015 Flashaholic's "Must-Have" List -- Cast Your Vote!


Mar 25, 2015
I'm updating my picks, since I've bought and used more lights since my first post in this thread. Only one of my original picks is still on the list - heh! :)

#1# EagleTac MX25L3C (Nichia 219)
#2# Zebralight H600Fw
#3# Zebralight SC62d
#4# Armytek Predator Pro 2.5 (Warm Emitter)
#5# Nitecore SRT3, Modded for 18650 with 2x AA Extenders and Boring


EagleTac MX25L3C (Nichia 219) - Still my favorite all-around light. Plenty of flood, plenty of throw, beautiful high-CRI tint, nice size, excellent UI, good price, fantastic build quality. Nothing I don't like... other than the size and weight are a bit high. If I could get an EDC-able pocket sized version of this light, I'd be in heaven! :)

Zebralight H600Fw - If I could only have one light, THIS would be it. So useful.

Zebralight SC62d - The closest thing I've found to a pocketable MX25L3C-N219. Bright, beautiful high-CRI neutral light, plenty of modes, great UI, good price and battery life. Worth the lumens reduction over the SC62w - this is just an all-around pleasant light to use.

Armytek Predator Pro 2.5 (Warm Emitter) - The more I use this light, the more I ADORE it! I love the rosy tint, the truly inspired programmable UI that lets me set my modes however I want them, and the fantastic rugged build quality. This is a true SHTF ready pocketable thrower with more great features than I'll ever use! The battery level indicator mode is great too!

Nitecore SRT3 (Modded) - What do you get when you take the ultimate feature-rich magnetic ring light with secondary red emitter, bore it to 18mm and add a pair of 18mm bored AA extender tubes? The ultimate light for multi-celltype, multi-chemistry battery adaptability. Runs on EVERYTHING from AAA eneloop up to 18650, including all AA, CR123, LiIon and Eneloop variants. A bit large, but THIS is the light I want to have on me if I'm travelling to a place where battery availability is questionable. Great moonlight and dark-adapted red emitter output too!


Aug 26, 2009
#2# HDS : Clicky : Hi CRI 100


2. I carried the HDS every day for over a year. After parting with a 140 and a 170, the 100 is still great. My understanding is a 120 lumen Hi CRI is now offered. But I don't see the need to upgrade. This light still looks as new as the day I purchased it. Surprisingly, once I programmed it to the modes I wanted, I did not find the need to tinker with it anymore. What a great UI too!

I still have my HCRI 100 (see my thread in the light suggestions sub) and I love it. the emitter is just about perfect, and I wouldn't want to upgrade either. I also parted with a Cool 120 (cree possibly?) and a 170 (golden dragon?) but kept the 100 (p4?) because it looked best.

Trust me, they will last forever!


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Mar 29, 2009
#1# HDS Systems: Rotary
#2# Photon Light : Freedom
#3# Oveready : Moddoolar Pocket ZRS v5
#4# Olight : S1
#5# MBI : HF-R : UTT CU 5mode
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Jun 25, 2015
#1 Nitecore T36
#2 Nitecore TM16

#1 My first flashlight and very impressed with it. Good combo of throw and spill. 2000 lumens off 2x18650s and how. Feels well made and controls tight.
#2 On my want list. Will review once I get it.


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Oct 24, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta
My 2015 18650 EDC picks as of Aug 15.

1.Nitecore MH20

2.Olight S30RII

3.Fenix PD35

MH20 for bells an whistles features, ATR, great hot spot in a USB stubby, hidden modes. Not bashful, flashy and bright, abrupt & edgy.

S30RII For great all around usefulness, run times, small form, level modes economy minded, quiet, Turbo effective an out of layman's reach. Discreet, reserved, vanguard form, an elegant fighter.

PD35 For great focused beam, high output, good run times, momentary ability, dual sprung cell cage, known reliability.
Tactical, robust grip an feel, clinical beam precision.


Jul 29, 2010
Sydney Austalia
#1 cool fall : spy 007 : Xml2
#2 HDS : RA Clicky : Titanium
#3 McGizmo : haiku : XML
#4 light flux : LF2XT
#5 mac : 3300


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Nov 20, 2014
#1# Zebralight : SC5
#2# Zebralight : SC600 : MarkIII
#3# Acebeam : K60 : vn mod, xhp
#4# Surefire : 6p : bored, custom dropin
#5# Nitecore : Tube
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Aug 19, 2015
Ukiah, CA and Fallon, NV depending on the day
#1# Surefire: G2
#2# Maglite: XL50
#3# Streamlight: micro stream

1) Inexpensive and has a long throw great for patrolling an area.
2) bright, cheap and incredibly durable. I currently have mint on an AR ( soon to be replaced with an Elzetta) it has survived hundreds of rounds on the AR plus hundreds more on a shotgun and pistols. Can't be beat for 30$.
3) works for most of my daily needs.

repaced thrunite T20 because pocket clip screw holes stripped) A recent addition to my collection and my ideal EDC light. Compact, light weight and has multiple modes for different situations.
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Jan 18, 2015
#1# Streamlight Protac HL3.
#2# Coast A25R.
#3# Inova X03 (Snapon).
#4# Coast G50.
#5# Defiant 5C.

I like 1, 2 and 4 for their build and how they feel in my hand with HL3 and A25R being quite bright in my opinion.
3 was my first flashlight for work I'm a mechanic and a light that can take a10 ft drop multiple times a day is a tool for me.
5 has an extremely long throw, more than what i have ever needed and can partially as a weapon if need be as its sold metal.



Aug 9, 2015
John 3:16
Complete re-arrangement of this guys top lights of 015.
Coast HP7R slides to 3rd.

#1# Streamlight : TL 2 : LED 88105
#2# Malkoff : MD2 : hi/lo
#3# Coast : HP7R
#4# Sure Fire : G2X : Pro
#5# Coast : HP1

It's nearing the close of the year so I think I can safely think none above will be changed.
I factored in runtimes in my choices. But main factor was "how much do I like using it?" "How much do I use it?" as well.

#1 the Streamlight. It's an older model. Yet imo is a super-duper light with only 160 lumens. I can't get over the throw. Not the same punch of the 600 lumen Scorpion, but it's quite the blinder with a good amount of spill. Much more carry friendly than a 6P imo as well.

#2 the MD2 is a phenominal light. Can't describe how much I like this light. But I don't use it very often. Maybe for the same reason a beat up old 1911 is a user while the pearl handled one stays in the case?

#3 Coast HP7R started my pursuit for better after experiencing some other focus lights. This one is a great value light that easily throws 1000' with just over 200 lumens, runs forever (in bright flashlight terms) between charges, and is easy on the eyes.
I found it's collecting dust so it's now 3rd.

#4 SureFire G2x Pro gets used throughout my home on a regular basis. The low setting is ideal for most of my flashlight needs. But the high is bright enough to blind a bad guy from a couple dozen paces when necessary.

#5 Coast HP1 is probably my most used light. Like the beater 1911, it's the one I prefer to use in less than ideal situations. The 220 lumens can be diffused by sliding it to flood, yet the spot has enough spill to be a very effective path lighter while lighting up that unfriendly critter nearly a football field away. I use it as an engine bay lighter as well as a bunch of daily chores.

I had to say the Elzetta Alpha was almost in the list. When I leave home it goes with me 99% of the time. (Note the 1% is when I forget it). But walking around with loose fitting trousers the weight makes my pants sag. So when I'm wearing my comfy pants the Coast gets picked.

Now I recently obtained a Bushnell 50 lumen 1aa that may replace the HP1 on next years list. Yet it has a very diffused Alpha like beam so we'll see.
I also have a couple of small Streamlights on the way.
(I had a hard time not choosing the HP1 for #1)

Now if there was a top 5 by size, or category like top five flooders, spotters, weapons, budget etc the Elzetta Alpha would top a few of my categories.

My favorite 'brand' would be Malkoff (great products, great service) with Streamlight next (due to huge variety and durability), then Sure Fire (who still gets it done for us regular folks and those who's life depends on them), Coast (for their durable Chinese lights that use store bought batteries) and rounding out the top 5 Elzetta (because they make easy to use bomb proof products).

12/15/15 edit:
I left list as is, but the Streamlight Strion LED (74300) will be listed as #1 starting in 016.
Simply put, it turns on/off like the 88105, yet cycles by holding the button, or 2 quickies gets a strobe that was simply put...very effective. I strobed a shiney floor of a well lit room as my wife was walking out and she bumped into the door jam....uh oh.
May have to buy a 2nd because she may confiscate this one. But Streamlight is my favorite edc brand. Malkoff is still my favorite brand though.
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Jun 25, 2004
Middlesex, UK
A couple of excellent custom lights that I bought in 2015:-

1) JHanko Twisted Trident
2) MBI 5-mode Ti HF-R STT

Both of these are outstanding in every way.


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May 1, 2006
#1: MBI Ti HF-R.

A truly remarkable piece of work, both aesthetically and functionally.


Aug 7, 2015
#1 McGizmo Haiku XP-G2 (my first custom, titanium light, ergonomically perfect, i never have to worry about it overheating even on maximum output, can lego with other McGizmo bodies)

...more to come, I'm still testing.


Jul 15, 2015
Alright, for me the 'must have' is:

#1 Zebralight H602w Neutral White
#2 Olight S30 Ti
#3 Armytek Barracuda
#4 Zebralight
SC52w L2

#1 This light is a great floody light that lights up everything in an indoor environment (most of what i use a light for during the week). I like the UI although it did take some getting used to since i am used to mcklicky style lights. I like that the "reflector" doesn't reflect at all but spreads the light out to where there is no hotspot whatsoever. The 120 degree sweep covers everything you'd want to look at when using this as a headlamp, flashlight, whatever. No throw at all though, but i have another headlamp for that if needed. If i had to get rid of one of my headlamps, it'd be the throw headlamp i have. Not that i'd really want to do that though ;) The only thing i wish this light would have is a clip and a magnet tailcap ( i made a makeshift one that its ability to freestand the light .

#2 I switched to this as my main holster carry because the UI is a bit quicker and if i always holster it on low (moonlight mode), i can hand it to my daughter to play with with no worries when she points it at her This is a bright light with a good combination of flood and throw.

#3 I got the first Barracuda on sale and was really impressed with it. So much so, that i went full in and bought the new LE version that had a bit more throw to it, plus it is like my previous belt carry flashlight in that it has a single cell tube as well (the Predator tube). It cuts the runtime in half, but i have plenty of batteries to make up that imbalance for being able to carry it in a more compact fashion. The focused throw is what i was looking for and even though the TK75 beats it for throwing a wall of light, the Barracuda is much more compact even with the 2X18650 tube. Plus, this light is way more waterproof than the TK75 (or most lights for that matter) and can be gun mounted to a rifle. After a bit of looking, I found an Olight filter size that fits it, so this light works for all my hunting requirements. I did get its smaller brother the Predator, but even though that light is even more portable, you definitely give up throw distance (reason this light is a must have for me) for it. :) )

#4 This light works on AA alkies, NiMH, or even the 14500. Plus, its so small it can be carried quite easily. In fact, i'm reconsidering how i normally carry lights after i stop my project where i require a lot of worklight capability to eliminate the larger belt carry light. Again, like the headlamp above, the UI is pretty cool. I got a second one (well, the first one) to ensure my light stays with me (as opposed to a borrower walking off with it).
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Aug 31, 2015
#1# Fenix : LD02
#2# Fenix: PD35 Tactical

Thanks for putting this together


Jun 2, 2009
#1# Zebralight : sc62w
#2# Sunwayman : v11r
#3# Zebralight : sc32w

bright star

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Nov 3, 2013
Toronto ont canada
#1# Fenix TK 16.... what's not to like !! compact 18650 flashlight, 1000 lumen reviews are coming back good on this one. It
Will be next on my list. :thumbsup:


Jan 25, 2015
#1# HDS Systems: EDC Clickie: 200Hi Cri
#2# HDS Systems: EDC Clickie: 200N

Thank you you for doing this. It was these lists that made me want/need to buy an HDS.
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