The City Of Sydney's LED Lights Saved $370,000 And Cut Power Usage By 34 Per Cent


Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 16, 2012
A good point is brought up in that article. I too worry about whether major cities (and all cities) will take into consideration what tint the led lights they install have. As we on CPF know there is a huge difference not just in colors and cri but in feel and mood of different tints of leds. I hope too bluish leds are not installed. While the obnoxious sodium lamps that are super orange need to go away I don't think they should be replaced by led lamps that are closer to 5000k or 6000k necessarily. The whole point is to use lamps that don't mimic sunlight directly. Make them a bit warmer so that they are more neutral or even slightly warmer than that still. Use the higher kelvin lights, but not everywhere. Don't make all metropolises cities that never sleep.