The Gladiator

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I watched The Gladiator again for the second time tonight. If you haven't seen it, you need to. Excellent movie. Now, I'm not real up on politics, but even with my lack of political knowledge, I couldn't help but think what a reflection that story had on the politics of this nation today. Commodus' plan (which appears to work as well in the real world as it does in the movies) was "Give the people easy, carefree lives, and in exchange they will willingly trade freedoms, one at a time, until eventually the government that was once ruled by the people and for the people, the Republic, becomes a government ruled by one man." I don't necessarily think the government is out to purposely gain limitless power, but it IS frightening to see how many freedoms they don't even fight for; the people happily hand them over in exchange for easy lives or peace of mind.

(BTW, since this is "Chit-Chat" feel free to comment on the movie and/or the politics. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.)

p.s., be gentle; like I said, I don't claim to know even as much as I should about politics, freedoms, or even the Constitution.