The Mode Memory Management Problem


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Oct 8, 2021
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK
Yes, but like I said, it's a chaos I already know. This old dog will not be learning many new tricks.
Yup! I've got to agree with gotta....
At nearly 70yrs old and having approximately 60 flashlights, some with Anduril, 1and 2. Plus various other lamps with their own discrete UI. I easily forget sometimes how to turn them on. Even forgetting that the particular flashlight in my hand has a tail switch as well as a body or head switch. I'm sort of wondering whether I should think about passing some of them on. The thing is that I still really like them all. My particular favourite at the moment is my Wurkkos FF12 in purple. To me it has a really well defined beam and a tail on/off switch, with the side switch controlling the modes. One thing that does occur to me is that this little flashlight has a much better beam than some more expensive flashlights. Any thoughts?


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Jan 28, 2012
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So in practice, a multi-mode light with memory doesn't come on at my preferred level, it comes on at an unknown, seemingly random level. For that reason, I consider the multi-mode interface without memory to be the superior interface (e.g. Malkoff, Reylight, etc.).

What are your thoughts?
Completely agree. Memory can be a real pain. The best would be to able to activate mode memory and disable it forcing the light to come on on High and-or on Low depending on settings.