The New Foursevens MXS 2021

Got Lumens?

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Mar 12, 2011
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As requested by Chauncey Gardiner,

The New Thread for the Foursevens Maelstrom MXS
comments, suggestions, and pics if Ya got them.

A little MXS history. The first run 2021 MXS's released were tweaked a little bit for the second run.
Corrected in second run were some UI issues and the inclusion of a newer HCRI LED. The factory
by mistake used the same LED spacer ring as the first run. The 2nd run MXS's were supposed to have
included the new spacer ring as designed. The fulfillment and shipping of MXS orders halted temporarily.
The wrong spacer ring caused a yellow halo and dark ring within the beam pattern. A beam tint and shape
for afishinados, a no go. This was an unforeseen and unacceptable mistake. The factory apologized. All the
remaining inventory was then updated in house at Foursevens before resuming shipping. Those who had
the first shipped run two MXS lights with the incorrect spacer ring were offered the option of a refund,
replacement, or having the correct spacer ring sent to them. The run two MXS bezel rings are removable.
This allowed the lights user to replace the incorrect spacer on their own if so chosen.

The MXS was the first Foursevens wirelessly chargeable standby light. If power fails to the charging base,
the light turns on in low mode to act as a power failure alert and provide light in an unpowered dark room.

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The previous posted thread here.
Youtube Video on Prometheus Channel:

Mar 12, 2010
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"Cheers!" To Got Lumens? and to a great offering from the fine people at Prometheus/Foursevens!



Bought one copy for my mother, but still can't get my picture on the cover of the Rollin' Stone.


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Sep 20, 2023
Had mine for awhile and I love it. It has a permanent spot on my desk. While it never fun for the power to go out, I get a kick out of being able to see it. I wish more lights could be wirelessly charged in the same way.


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Feb 25, 2023
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I have bought at least four MXSs (according to my account at Prometheus, which goes back to 2021). I think mine is from the 2nd shipment (was there a Kickstarter?). I have given them to my mother (hurricanes) and daughter (earthquakes) and other relatives who might need its capabilities. I do not think it is pretty, but it feels good in my hand and it has done its job in multiple power failures.


I bought two MX3Fs thinking they were updated MXSs. I love the way it fits and feels in my hands. So does my brother-in-law. It makes a perfect car light with the flood optics.

I have a few other Prometheus/Foursevens devices. By coincidence the picture above contains all three of what I think are P/F7's key products.

My first Prometheus purchase was a top (Kickstarter?). I kick myself for waiting so long to buy the refrigerator magnets.

I am living for a Shorty Alpha Titanium, and that key tool thing.


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Nov 16, 2014
Does the charging base have the ability to be mounted to the surface it is sitting on with screws? Are there any screw holes? Or does this charging base just sit on the surface and most likely need two hands, one to hold the base from moving and the other to pull the flashlight up from the base? I have an area where I currently have 6 flashlights, all have charging cradles or bases attached to the surface with screws. I would like to add this MXS to the area, but only if the base can be attached to the surface. No double sided tape, no glue, but with solid screw attachment. MagLite Mag Tac has a somewhat similar charging base and is attached with a single screw through the center of the base.