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* the rest withdrawn *Malkoff bodies/drop-in and two clips

Apr 2, 2022
[WTS/WTT] prices are F&F and shipped. Everything is shipped via USPS CONUS. Add fees if you want to go the G&S route. I prefer PayPal & I kindly ask for no notes when sending payment. I will know who you are & what you're purchasing. Only trades I'm open to are malkoff related trades.

Withdrawn $50- MD2 body & tail switch. Mint condition

Withdrawn $40 M61WLL ( 3000k SST20 ) , this is a single mode drop in. If you need more info, feel free to ask. Mint condition

SOLD $50- 16650 MDC body, mint condition.

Both SOLD $20 each Prometheus titanium clips that fit the MD2/MD3 & MD4 malkoff bodies. Mint condition

If any question's, feel free to ask. Thanks

Cross post with Reddit so that's my handle on the sticky.


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