The story of a hero cop and his flashlight

Mar 12, 2010
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Some cats are Steve McQueen cool.
Others... not so much.
Louis is one cool cat.

I say retire the flashlight, ugly tailcap cover and all. Shelf queen near the citation, maybe with an old busted pair of cop shades or other tools he's worn out after all these years.

Absolutely! Retire the light as-is and place it on the shelf. It would be such a shame to lose it.


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Jan 30, 2009
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Thank you everyone for your feedback!!! And so many of you for your offers to help.

As a result of your input (which my wife agreed with very early on), the light will not be undergoing any fancy updating.

The two remaining options were to shelve it as a memento, or just clean it up so that it can be brought back into service. It was Louis himself that tipped the scales to using. He is a simple guy that had a hard time even allowing his family to display his 4 service medals. He only gave into that because one of his sons (he has seven sons and one daughter) made a very nice custom display case. He very much enjoys using his old tools (for example, his old wood carving tools are his favorites).

Here are the results: The MD4 body and head, Malkoff M91 LED, Surefire clicky were all kept, after all, they work just as well now as they did many years ago when new. What was done: light clean up, new O-rings, new clicky boot, new Panasonic 18650s and a Titanium pocket clip (from the Malkoff website). I thought that the bare titanium clip looked better than a black clip. For myself, I would have added a hi/lo switch, but again bowed to Louis's early decision in that regard.


This not a before and after picture. Next to the ready-to-go-back-into-circulation light is another MD4 that I assembled for myself at the same time as Louis's light many years ago.

And, I have used it for all that time too. ((Well, sometimes, as is common with us flashlight junkies, but at least it has remained in my available and often used category. lolo.))
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Aug 11, 2000
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That's badass....I was almost going to say to give it the shadowbox treatment...
And a fellow Concordian.... :)


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Jul 6, 2022
I was a cop for ten years and never saw that. How did you happen to be a witness? Did you talk to the Officers about their threat assessment during the incident? How do you know they made no attempt?
Look up what police did to Jack Yantis in Cambridge, Idaho. One of his bulls had gotten out, got hit by a car. Two officers had been shooting the poor animal to no effect so they called Jack to come and dispatch the bull. Jack and his wife arrived on the scene. As soon as Jack raised his rifle the police opened fire at Jack. He was hit 12 times. There were several misses. There were also all the bullets they'd fired into or at the bull. They claimed they opened fire at Jack out of concern for the safety of bystanders - after all their previous misuse of their firearms, nevermind how they went "spray and pray" at Jack. Of course their body cameras and dashcams were either off or had full memory so no video of the incident was recorded. Jack's wife suffered cardiac arrest at the scene and was transported to the hospital. The county ended up paying the family $2.6 million and the two killers in uniform got off scott free.


Aug 9, 2015
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In my town a fellow murdered his parents and ran away in his pickup truck. Police cornered the guy in a cul-de-sac of a new neighborhood with only one way in/out. He charged at police with his pickup truck. They opened fire and took him out.

One house nearby had 155 bullet holes in it. It was a brand new house with no occupants.
Yeah, it happens.

Another time I was working on a project near the interstate and at the end of the day was talking with some coworkers when we heard sirens in the distance heading our way. We could see the interstate and several statees chasing a car heading our direction on the interstate. They got the car halted, officers got out and surrounded the car. All at once they opened fire at the driver. Like 5 police firing into the driver side of the car.

I do not say that to disrespect law enforcement officers by any means. I have all the respect in the world for those who put their lives on the line every day. But there are times bad things happen. Most are heroes, yet I personally know a couple of fellows in blue who have no business with a sling shot, much less a firearm.

The flashlight in this topic belongs to a hero.