Thinking about the Dereelight DBS xm-l


Newly Enlightened
Aug 9, 2009
I was thinking about purchasing a Dereelight DBS with the new xm-l led. I used to have a Solarforce L900 and a Jetbeam M2s but I never really used them due to the size. I always had them put away for some special occasion where I would need a 500+ lumen light. It was not practical for me to carry around lights of that size in my pocket. I am looking at the DBS because it seems to be about the same size as my Tiablo A9. I would say that would be the max size that I would want in my pocket. One other thing I didn't like about the other 2 lights were because of the huge heads which made it look funky. I was wondering how well the DBS would handle the heat produced by the xm-l pill driven at 2.5 amps. Since the pills are the same size as a p60 pill, is it about the same as a p60? Or can the DBS handle the heat better? One other thing that I wanted was to get a lot of throw out of a small light, from what I have read the DBS with the xm-l seems to throw pretty well. Any ideas on how many lux at 1 meter?