Thrunite T10T brightness and voltage.


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Jun 21, 2014
This is my first time posting in the candle power forums so forgive me if I am asking a question which has already been asked or seems like common sense. I searched around and couldn't find any specific answers to my question, so I thought I might start a new thread.

Well I just received my new Thrunite t10t and it is an amazing light. It has a great feel and I really like the UI, especially the solid Ti clicky, since it will not wear out like the rubber caps do. I bought some AA standard Eneloops to run in it and they work good. But no matter how good something is I can't help but want to improve it. And when it comes to flashlights I like the smallest and the brightest.

On thrunites website it says the working voltage of the T10 series is 0.9-3v so I assume I could use any AA sized battery up to 3v right?
I found a 14505 3v AA size battery and I have no experience or knowledge of these. And then I saw posts mentioning that these batteries are not recommended because of the high heat output.

So my question is could I damage my light using these? And will the brightness levels be worth the risk?



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Mar 25, 2007
If the specs say they cover that voltage - go for it! Just try and keep max runs under a minute or so at a time. I use the 14505/CRAA in my Quarks, same lumen performance as with CR123s, although I haven't runtime tested them. I have the older pre-Saber T10 twisties and just tried a CRAA side by side with an Eneloop and all modes looked equal to me. However, based on the new Saber specs (which comes with both AA and CR123 bodies) the new driver seems to take a boost on M and H with 3Vs as compared to 1.5V.... my guess is that's what the new T10 S/T will do as well.

.... And when it comes to flashlights I like the smallest and the brightest.....

FWIW, my current EDC is ~1/10" (2.5mm) longer and wider than yours and puts out ~750 lms on a AA-sized cell ;)


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Nov 15, 2012
There is a good review of the T10S by selfbuilt and it is an active thread with lots of information. Your question would fit in over there. +1 to reppans comment, if within the specs, go for it.