Thrunite tc20 v2 neutral white review (TLDR: buy this light now)



Newly Enlightened
Nov 25, 2019


This my friends, is the Thrunite tc20 v2 in neutral white. A compact 26650 combination beam light with great neutral white tint and awesome regulated runtimes. I was looking all over the net to find a review of the neutral white version so I decided to make one myself.

What’s included in the box:


•Belt holster

•2 spare orings

•Usb-C cable

•2 spare rubber charging port covers

•Keychain ring


•Spare switch rubber

Battery and charging:




Usb-C is the way of the future and I’m super happy they went with it on the v2 and even included one in the box. The v2 comes with a Thrunite brand 5000mah 26650 battery which makes this light as awesome as it is!

Charging is easy, just uncover the port, plug it in, then you’re set! You’ll see the charging indicator light on the switch. Red means charging and blue means it’s fully charged.

UI and Specs

UI on the tc20v2 is the same ui we all know and love from Thunite.

From off you can hold the switch to get firefly (0.3LM). A single press brings you into the main mode group for cycling low-med-hi (35lm-320lm-1853lm) and double click brings you into turbo mode (4068lm)

The regulation on this thing is amazing, firefly lasts for 71 days, low lasts for 77 hours, medium lasts for 122 mins, and turbo lasts for 220 seconds then steps down to 1722 lumens for the rest of then duration. The best part for me is that High runtime, a pretty much flat runtime of over 2 hours at close to 2000 lumens, that’s just insane.

Beam and Tint:



The neutral white xhp70.2 in this light is awesome, it seems to be around 4000k. For being a 70.2 it actually looks great, way better than I expected. For this not being a high cri light it looks great outside, really brings out the browns in the trees and brings the grass to life, does pretty good with reds aswell. I will say it’s a tad greenish on the lower modes but from medium-turbo it looks great.

As you can see in the pics this thing is a monster. Just lights up a huge farmland field like it’s nothing, a super nice beam profile, can punch out to 300m but also light up a huge area with it’s spill. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy this light!

Final Thoughts:

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I like this light a lot, so much that I really haven’t been carrying anything else for outside use. The combination of runtimes, acceptable tint, brightness, and beam pattern make this imo a must buy! Hopefully I helped someone out who was curious about the neutral white version of this light.