Thrunite TN30 Review (3xXM-L, 3x18650): RUNTIMES, VIDEO, OUTDOOR BEAMSHOTS and more!

Impossible lumens

Apr 25, 2015
Hello all. I just now purchased this light, TN30, from ebay and am awaiting the package. This purchase was made after searching for a better deal than the Niteye Eye30 brand new for $149. which I passed up to get the TN30 for even a little less $. The lumens claim for TN30 is much higher than the 2000 max for Eye30. However I have seen several beam shot comparisons between these and other similar lights that look very similar. I think with photo comparisons you can look at spill distance ok but harder to tell how well the "hotspot" does. Doe's anyone have an opinion on my choice of flashlight? The Eye30 $149. shipped also seamed like a great deal. I think I did the right thing though.
Also my TN30 should have the orange peel reflectors which I've read is an update. I really don't know anything about performance of reflectors as far as this texture difference. That said, the updated version is the updated version, so getting this light for $89. has me doing summersaults. Knock on wood seller don't send me a photo of the thing. Thanks for the hard work and thorough review! Will be reading.

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