Thrunite TN36 2017 10,000 Lumens Review


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Jun 16, 2012
Hey guys, long time no see! Back here to post a few reviews and also see who can give some comments on the technical stuff. Just go the Thrunite TN36 2017 in hand and testing it out, and somehow I am lucky to have TWO together in hand :) So I did a little test with the two using 4x normal nitecore 18650 vs the imr18650 that comes with the package, and yup, it is brighter with the imr! Anyone can comment more about the imr VS normies?

So far, I like the old tn36ut more because the beam is more floody for walking at night, but it's a big debate in the mind when it comes to which one to take...... lol! :ironic:

Thrunite TN36 2017 testing beams...!

Official review after testing the stuff:

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