Thrunite TN42 (XHP35 HI, 4x18650) Review: BEAMSHOTS and more!


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Nov 22, 2015
Thanks for the review. I have been tempted by this one. I have the original version of the TN32 and have been impressed by it's throw. This new TN42 looks like it would out throw it by quite a bit. I do like the magnetic switch ring that they used on the TN32, but I'm sure the new button switch would be fine. I do like the portability of the TN32 its large but i can slip it into my back pocket pretty comfortably, the TN42 looks quite a bit larger.


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Jan 5, 2008
Boden, Sweden
Over a year since I posted here about this light I finally grabbed it with charger and 4 cells at Thrunite Christmas sale. I received it yesterday.
As usual I am satisfied with Thrunite. This IS a substantial light and it's a beast of thrower. Commenting the quality is superfluous. The knurling is great and makes a good grip. I chose the neutral white, which I always do if that's an option. The tint is very similar to the tint of my TN32NW but the hotspot is smaller and MUCH more intense.
According to the specs TN42 actually outthrows as well TN32 and Olight SR52UT even at high mode, and I think that may be correct. The UI of TN42 is in my totally liking and I really appreciate that firefly and turbomode are not included in the memory, and that it needs a double click for turbomode. Because of this I will never doubt about whether I use high or turbo(or accidently activate turbo when I want high), which otherwise can be a problem with multimode lights. Also I appreciate that if I want to change from mid to low mode it doesn't cycle through high mode first but goes down to low mode. This UI is the best of all in my opinion, and I am happy that Thrunite uses it in TN4A and TN30 as well.
I would like a protecting case with straps or handle to it for transport. Thrunite should offer a case similar to the hard case of TN32 and 35! The large reflector glass is a very vulnerable part of the light and it should be protected under transport.
TN42 is now another great light in my collection(selection) and Thrunite definitely is even more one of my favorite flashlight brands.

Just a small note: the LED base(or what it's called) of my light is white and not black as the light in the review.
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