Thrunite TN4A (XP-L V6, 4xAA) review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, VIDEO and more!


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Aug 30, 2014
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the EA41 100% is also one of the best 4xAA lights yet made. Despite actually only putting just over 700 lumens out the front the EA41 is indeed slimmer and lighter than the TN4A. EA41 of course has all NC's bells and whistles. BUT...they are not thermally regulated, they DO fall over 100 lumens SHORT of advertised claims and the small double switch UI is hard to find in the dark.

EA41 beam profile is actually very good!

EA41 fits into a coat pocket more easily.

Unfortunately EA41 does not have a good track record of reliability.

The TN4A UI is FAR easier to find in the dark and just use overall. The TN4A voltage indicator right in the center of the switch is perfect.

I will say a very positive thing about BOTH the EA41 and TN4A-the L91 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA cells 100% power both lights to their max potential. This is more noticed in the EA41 though. The L91's in the TN4A? Crank flat out until the very last electrical particle in those cells is depleted-3000mah


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Jan 6, 2018
Just got my TN4A NW XP-L today. First impressions, it's HEAVY, especially with batteries (bear in mind I'm used to smaller 1AA/2AA/3AAA lights). It feels like a solid chunk of metal. The build quality is incredible. I hope I never drop it and ding the case, or scratch it, since it looks so perfect. If it was about twice the length, it would make a great lightsaber handle prop.

It's crazy bright too. It'll be a great addition to my collection. With 4 brightness levels (plus firefly), it'll be usable in just about any scenario that requires a thrower flashlight.

I have Powerex 2700mAh AAs in it (these measure in the 2500 mAh range), they should work well in it. When I first put the cells in the carrier, it wouldn't fit into the light... uh oh... fortunately I read reviews that said if you push the batteries in hard enough they'll pop in further into the carrier, and after I did that it fit perfectly.


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Mar 18, 2018
My TN4A beam
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