Thumbs down for TeraLux service

Uncle Alvah

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Feb 13, 2007
Awhile back I bought a TerraLux Lightstar 180, I wanted a simple, no-frills light.
Nice light really, but I started having problems with it turning off unexpectedly not long after purchasing it.
I contacted TerraLux, who informed me that I need a new tailswitch. ON 3/3 they wrote:
All we need is a mailing address, and we can mail you out a replacement switch tomorrow.
Great, sent them my mailing address.
On 3/20 I wrote to inform them I had not received the switch yet, and they then replied:

I am sorry to hear that you have not received you LightStar 180 yet. After some digging, the item has been backordered and we are expecting a shipment on Friday. As soon as they get into our building, I will make sure to snag one first thing and get it out the door to you ASAPI am sincerely sorry about the inconvenience this has posed upon you, and as way to make it up to you I'd like to also send you a small back up flashlight to you.
Thank You for your patience and I'm sorry again.

On 4/15 I again requested an update. The reply:

I sent out your LightStar 180 tailcap on Friday, March 21st​, at or around noon Colorado time. It certainly should have made its way to you by now. I'd be happy to send you another. Let me validate that the address I have for you is correct.
(Address deleted)
As soon as I hear back from you I'll get it out the door.

Sent them a confirmation of the address, I still have nothing. I give up. Sent them an email; telling them I was unhappy and didn't care to pursue the matter further. They never replied, which is kinda cheesy in and of itself IMO. My first TerraLUX will surely be my last. Should have went with another Fenix!

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