Tiablo A9 1.4Amps


Newly Enlightened
Mar 9, 2012
Hello. I am a total newbie to the forum and I fairly new to the whole LED light scene. Of course I have LED flashlight in many forms and sizes and I have found this forum to be a great resource in some particular issue. But now I decided to register to get the full "experience",since I am looking to perhaps do some mods with my old 3D Maglight and my recently purchased Tiablo A9. And this post is for the A9. As the title suggests I am looking for some info on the 1.4 amp mod I have stumbled upon when reading about the Tiablo A9. I got the R2 version of the A9 and I remember seeing that this particular version was modded with this mod,but I wasn't able to find a solid HowTo-guide with a moderate googling,so I decided to hopefully get input on the matter from some experts who might even have done this mod themselves and could point me to right direction. And with some sort of guidelines I could better decide if I am comfortable wit this mod as a newbie. Thanks in advance