TK40 and TK40 clone


Jul 11, 2010
As you all know, kaidomain is always coming up with clones. One such clone is the TK40, and they couldn't have made it more obvious. Same head, emitter, and output/ runtime on 8X aa.

And as you all know, I dont exactly have $130 for a flashlight, so this seemed ideal. Waterproof, unglued, and 3 modes: high-500 lumens probably 630 like real Fenix-same runtime, low-dont know, and strobe- may come in handy one day.

Does anyone have this light?

I desperatly need to know because I want to see if i should buy it for Christmas.

I assume it will throw just as well, if not better because the clone has a slightly larger head: 1.5 in. for Fenix, 2.76 in. for clone.

Whats its low?(Im hoping for a 5-30 lumen low, as i own a tk20 and its 45 lumens isn't exactly good for preserving night vision.

What does it come with, a lanyard at least?

And how fast does it ship? May need it by Chirstmas.

Please, people, don't take 5 years to post an answer please!!!

Thanks so much for anyone who replies.:thumbsup: