Toshiba enters the High Power LED market


Feb 18, 2004
Oregon- United States of America
Toshiba will begin sampling its 30 lumen and 60 lumen white LEDs during June and July, with mass-production of a million units per month scheduled for each device shortly afterwards.

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Toshiba Corporation will soon be offering customers white LEDs suitable for general lighting and LCD backlighting.

The company’s flagship LED, the TL10W02-D, which generates 60 lumens at 2W and 500 mA, will begin sampling in July. Production of 1 million units per month is expected by October.

According to the company, the LED’s high performance characteristics result from improved chip-mounting technology and better thermal management, thanks to a low thermal resistance package.

Toshiba says that the excellent heat dissipation characteristics also maintain the chip’s luminous linearity at a drive current of up to 700 mA.