Towers Of Light


Jul 23, 2001
Edinburgh UK
Bit more info on the WTC memorial,Towers of Light:

Space Cannon Job done out of Space Cannon In Edmonton Canada.Mostly 7000 watt units. It's my understanding that Light America in Vegas will be involved becuase the Edmonton folks don't have the actual inventory here.Probably some involvement from Italy as well.

Total of 88 7,000watt Space Cannons, in 2 50ft square arrays .
Installation cost about $500,000.
General electric is donating the $1,200 xenon bulbs for the fixture and Con Ed is donating the power.

Paul Marantz of Fisher Marantz Stone Architectural firm is providing the technical experience to the Municipal Art Society who is in charge of the project.

GE is donating 100 bulbs.
Also they are having two security guards around the clock, and a tech their during operating hours just in case the FAA or some one/thing orders them to be shut off for what ever reason. (the bird groups are very worried that emigrating birds will fly through the beams, and loose there orientation)

Cut and pasted from Lightnetwork, then search Lightnetwork.

Moving sight,know its not LED related but we are all light enthusiasts.