*Traded* Just an enquiry...Mac Ti-Tri


Mar 27, 2011
So Cal
Re: Just an enquiry...Mac Ti-Tri

Yea this was a Fantastic Transaction for me as well. Ivan was such a great guy to deal with.

I am so happy with my Ti Tri EDC. I began to carry it immediately and have every day since.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has Glo powder on the optic it looks like. The posts Glo intently. But then also there is a speckling
of Glo throughout the optic just after turning the light off.
It looks so neat!

I want to add to the description of Ivan's new McGizmo Slate PD-S,
it was modded to neutral XPG2 by SOYCD, and then DatiLED boosted
the current from 525ma to 1000ma(1 amp)

this is light now has awesome output with a simply Gorgeous Tint and Beam!

The HDS Rotary was a difficult light to let go of....was my first rotary ever
and was Mint condition. I loved it a lot.

But this gave me an excuse to try picking up a Rotary 170 Nichia 219b with the newest firmware giving me "candle mode" (really wanna try this)

Just thought I should post my experience of my end of this trade.

Thanks again "CrazyIvan" buddy.
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