Troubleshooting guide?

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May 26, 2010
Can someone link me to the flashlight troubleshooting guide that I've seen on CPF before? I searched and cant find it.

A story, if you feel like reading:

I have a ~1.5 year old EagleTac P20A2 that has lived a cushy life, but has stopped working, nonetheless. The EagleTac sits on the window sill next to the back door and is used mostly for taking out garbage after dark, it has probably gone through 3 sets of batteries and had less than 20 hours runtime in its life.

But now it won't turn on. One time last week it wouldn't turn on, I swapped out batteries and it worked again - chalked it up to dead batteries (didn't test them to confirm), and went on with my life. Now, it won't turn on, and my multimeter confirms these batteries are just fine (duracell alkline AA).

Please help me try to troubleshoot this light - thanks!


This is all in stark contrast to my Quark mini AA +14500 which has been to hell and back as my EDC for 3+ years and hasn't even flinched.
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