True LED Dim to Dark (<1%) for indoor home lighting?

Horton Eyes

Newly Enlightened
Jan 19, 2023
East Coast
I want to integrate LED smart lighting on my entire first floor. Top level control in Apple HomeKit.

Dimmable A19 CREE LED bulbs installed in fixtures switched by Lutron and Leviton LED rated dimmers don't get very dim, no where near the low light performance I've been getting from incandescent dimmed bulbs for decades.

My Duck tells me it's an LED driver/LED mismatch and measurement, calibration and digital control is required to get top notch low light LED dimming performance

It's a smart Duck but maybe someone reading this is smarter? Is anyone able to dim to sub 1% max brightness from home LED bulb/dimmer combos?

Suggestions, Comments, and Insults Are Appreciated.