Turned a 19 month old into a flashlight nut!

Fast LT1

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Jan 22, 2010
Well i started dating this girl a while back and she has a 19 month old boy, smartest damn kid I've ever met, and well i started coming over after work and i would wear my duty belt with my light in the holster and he would always run up and try and grab my stinger or my polytac led out of my holster and i've been teaching him different lights and this morning we went into gander mountain and we walked by the flashlights and he started naming the brands, he saw a g2 and said surefire, and saw that polytac led and said streamlight! :goodjob: I bout took a poop in my pants! Made me pretty proud! He'll probably become the youngest person to get a surefire g2 for Christmas! Welp thought i'd just share that cause well i thought it was funny!