TwoSun TS09 D2


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

Oh dear !

Another disappointing knife ! This time from TwoSun .. So looks like TwoSun is not immune from pushing out rubbish !
Remembering this is SUPOSEDLY D2 tool steel .

A) The steel is not particularly hard
B) Edge holding is not where decent D2 should be
C) The TS09 was given 3 chances to impress

Whetstone grinder edge - 150
180 grit guided diamond cut edge 22 deg- 200
800 grit guided edge 22 deg - 150

A poor showing for D2 Tool Steel ! ( Would be a fairly good showing for CrMov - but not for D2 )

Before cutting rope :
The knife is a brute , the blade steel is massive .
Seems like a over built knife . Everything is straight and tight .
The handle hurts .....
That's right , grip this knife and it hurts .. The better the grip the better the pain .
I would rate the TS09 an excellent torture device .
Grip panels need to be de horned / bevelled / softened . Edges / corners are just irritatingly sharp and pointy .
If my sample is the norm , I would recommend a hard pass on this one .

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