TwoSun TS208


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Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

A) I really like the design
B) Bolted together really nice
C) Care needed , as the blade can fold onto a finger / thumb .
D) Nothing to complain about ( initial thoughts )
E) Blade steel falls short of D2 performance levels .
F) This one did 250 with a guided 180 grit 22deg edge . ( Decent D2 will give me 450 )

The following is my opinion based on my experience with knives I own .. unhappy_confused.gif

It is a relatively comfortable knife ( could be dehorned a little ) , it's solid and feels strong .
Just a crying shame the steel is sub par for D2 .. If only TwoSun could get their blade steel up to task .
But then this is a general issue with Chinese made knives ( and others ) in my personal opinion .
Too many knives are being called good without any sort of testing at all .
I have one more TS on the way and that will be my last one . These knives are a lottery , and the odds are better than 50/50 that your blade steel will be less than stellar in performance . ( For me , to date ) .