UCO Candle Lanterns Anodized/Non-Anodized


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Jul 29, 2012
Minnesota, USA
I've owned the UCO Candlelier for about a year and absolutely loved it, so much that I thought I would buy the Original.

I ordered the UCO Original Candle Lantern Kit that comes with the Cocoon and the side reflector, I just wanted the Cocoon and didn't intend to use the side reflector at all. Upon arrival the globe was shattered from the delivery. Not really a problem as replacement is simple just a matter of a few days wait. While waiting for the new one to come I was playing with the broken one a bit before returning it, I didn't really like it, the feel of it. Seemed flimsy, cheap, paint was scratching off from just sliding it open and closed.

Sent the broken one back and got the new one in the mail just fine, but inspecting the box I was shocked to see "Made in China" on the back of the box as all I've heard is that UCO candle lanterns are made in USA. I went to get my Candlelier just to see what that said it said Made in USA.

A quick search on a UCO website says in small letters *Anodized colors are Made in China

The only reason why I bought the Anodized version is because it's the only option when ordering the kit with the side reflector and Cocoon on the site I was using, wish I would've known that before hand, I take part blame.

Long story short, so I sent that one back as well and just ordered the Non-Anodized Lantern and bought the Cocoon separately at the cost of a few extra dollars.

Here is a couple of pictures I took if anyone is curious and doesn't want to make the same mistake I made.

P.S. Non-Anodized and Anodized lanterns seem identical visually, but feel wise the Non-Anodized feels much sturdier, especially when expanding and collapsing the lantern.


Candlelier on left, Anodized Kit (China) in middle, and Non-Anodized (USA) on right.


Rear of packages.


Bottom of all 3 lanterns, notice the Anodized version does not indicate where it's from.


Anodized (China) on left, and Non-Anodized (USA) on right. Both are Red in color, the but the Anodized version is almost more of a pink.


Lanterns collapsed. Non-Anodized on left (USA) and Anodized (China) on right.

Just thought I would share with you all if anyone is considering picking these up. I absolutely love the Candlelier, I haven't got a good chance to use the Original yet, but all should go well atleast I hope.


Dec 2, 2005
Thanks for the info,I have a older Candlelier,made in the USA,agree with you its a great light.