Uk buyer emitter choice, shipping etc


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Jun 16, 2008
Hello all. Long time member, owned several HDS but let them all go in favour of other hobbies now I want one back. My favourite was a tactical rotary with a 170 lumen osram, that thing could throw a beam like no other of the same output. But I learned that a cr123 sized torch didn't need distance throwing beams as I have other brighter bigger torches for when I specifically need that, what I want is a neutral white high cri medium to close distance beam profile, I'm thinking the NA52 possibly but having several other 1000 lumen pocket rockets since I feel like 200 lumens just might not cut it, maybe the SDR50 might but I've heard it's a bit too floody and low cri.

Shipping to UK, I don't see prices on hds, also the checkout doesn't work, also they're very expensive maybe I should sit and wait for a second hand unit?

Maybe I can get my last hds and keep it forever?


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Oct 17, 2009
In the middle of Europe
Like others mentioned, Knife & tools is the one and only choice for HDS in Europe! They are delivering fast, and they are 100% serious. But they do not have all offerings that HDS has. They have only a few of the LED options. NA52 is actually not available there.

Regarding ordering at HDS, international shipping is $75 if I remember correctly but it is fully tracked and insured. You can follow you parcel from the moment it left HDS until it is delivered!
At HDS you have all options and can order all accessories if you want. At the moment they have a lot LED options. That is even better!

To make it more difficult here a few compares :D

Compare 519A ~5200K, LH351D 5000K & 5700K, 219C 5000K & 5700K

Compare 219B 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 4500K

Compare 219B and 219C 2700K

Older compare of 219C and other LED options