Ultimate Survival Technologies 5-In-1 Survival Tool. Walmart Survival

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Jun 8, 2008
New England woods.
Ultimate Survival Technologies 5-In-1 Survival Tool. Walmart Survival. 1.97 at Walmart!!!!!


CSR (Cost to Survival Ratio) "Solid 7" out of 10. Ultimate Survival Technologies 5-In-1 Survival Tool. Walmart Survival. Field tested on the AT! This tool includes a whistle, ferro rod, waterproof match holder (but no matches), liquid filled compass and signalling mirror.


Before going over in detail the functions we had a debate as to our direction on the trail.
Time to open the package.


The liquid filled compass worked. Matched the one on my phone just fine.


We made it to camp thanks in part to the compass.... sorta.... well not really but it worked! I am ready for survival under my hammock's rainfly!


Lets review the 5 functions.

1. Liquid filled compass was already tested.

2. Match holder.


3. Whistle on the bottom.


4. Ferro rod. Same very very small size as the 99 cent match holder.


5. Signal mirror. Very reflective but very small.


Time to put the remaining 4 not tested functions to the survival test. The match holder doesn't come with matches. This was controversial with the testing team. This is a case in which not reading directions could bite a person in the back side. I added Coleman waterproof matches to test the water resistance of the case. The survival tool comes with a break away which was the pretext for first dropping it in water. The second drop was because of frog slime. No frogs were harmed during the filming.


Reaching for the matches which have been dropped multiple times in the water then allowed to slowly drift down stream.


I got the matches out easily. They seemed bone dry.


The paper match striker got caught on an internal lip. My advice is to fold that into a V or put it within the matches rather than up against the plastic wall. Got it but if my hands were cold it could of been a problem. The matches easily ignited as the case worked.


I gathered some tinder to test the ferro rod. In the end this was combined with stuff from a FAK.


The size and position of the ferro rod was challenging however worked.




But worked even better with packed tinder. In this case cotton balls and PJ. I used a WCF PSK knife seen with the 5&1 hanging off my neck to spark the rod. It nearly always rubbed against the plastic body of the survival tool.


It works but my advice is to put matches in the case for firecraft.


The whistle was tested by giving it to a friend along with a headlamp I knew wouldn't work. The instructions were to stay on the trail then blow the whistle after a few minutes. It was loud enough to do the job.


Testing the signal mirror using the two finger targeting method. It seemed effective.


We also did a few drop tests which the tool past though keep in mind it's 1.97 of China's best plastic....for under 2 bucks. The CSR or Cost to Survival Ratio is a strong 7. We felt if they included matches and maybe a bit longer ferro rod for say an extra dollar there is a potential 9. I really liked the bright color and breakaway feature on the lanyard cord. Here is a video and thanks for looking.



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Dec 23, 2008
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It is nice to see some coverage of items that may normally be looked down upon. Budget prepping is certainly better than no prepping. And who knows? Maybe there's a gem hidden in there somewhere...