Umm, how to carry a small kit/equipment bag without it looking like a purse?


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Feb 18, 2008
Wanted to show these small pouches. These are the Condor brand T&T that I mentioned.

I got one in tan and one in olive drab. These come with a bunch of the Molle(?) attachment straps so I used those to make a kind of carry handle on the tan one. The green one shows the fuzzy velcro strips on the opposite side.


I've been using the tan one as a camera case. Not too much in it right now. Spare snack, a couple of Eneloops, pen. The cables for the camera are in the pouch on one half, the camera itself goes in the other pouch. I'll probably add a length of paracord also. I might add a few minor first aid things in case I have this bag with me but not the actual aid kit


The olive drab version I think I'll try using as a pistol case. It'll fit a full-size M&P 45, anything bigger than that would be pushing it. There are elastic loops there on the inside but they may be too tight for magazines; I haven't tried it yet.


Still got to look for a small duffel bag. Haven't had the chance to shop around yet.