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It's my first time I post something here so I'm not sure if this is the right forum. Obviously I first read some threads, and I also searched the forum for my topic, but without a really useful result.
I am a scuba diver and under weater photographer (non professional) and like to explore those really far out places where not many other divers have gone before. My last 2 destination were the Andaman Islands and Pulau Weh, off the north west tip of Sumatra. Whenever I go into the water I take along my 2 camera setup with photoflash, and wherever I go, I will make night dives, too, as sea life at night is quite different from daytime, and different, rare species can be encountered. My problem is that since I need both hands to hold and operate the cameras, I have no hand free to hold a little flashlight to light the controls of the cameras, or my Aladin deco computer. What I need is an absolutely waterproof (even to great depths, at least up to 100m), small little light which I can somehow attach to my diving mask's strap. Ideally, it would be operated from a single AA cell, but a light requiring 2 AA cells would be fine, too. I've nbeen using a small Pelican penlight for the purpose until I lost it during my last trip, but it is not ideal because it requires AAA cells which are very hard (impossible!) to find in these remote parts of the world, and running it with NiMHs yielded rather short battery life - too short for a long night dive. So I'm looking for something running at least 2 hours continuously from, ideally, a single AA cell (and even cheap, miserable, AA cells like those which you get in such remote places, should fire it up for 2 hours!)

From reading the forum I have the impression that some of you have a good overview of what's available, so - can someone make a recommendation?

Thank you for helping me



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I agree with Aragorn, one of the smaller lights from Princeton Tec would probably do the job. They have headlamps which might do what you need. A lot of their lights are designed for diving, and nearly all have very good waterproof ratings. http://www.princetontec.com/entry.html
Underwater Kinetics also have a good range of small bright lights which are all suitable for diving. http://www.uwkinetics.com/


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