Uneven emitter brightness (XHP70.2 on ZL SC700d)


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Sep 6, 2019

i just got a zebralight SC700d, and i love it. tint/corona could be better, but i love the big battery, the high max output, and the low min output (0.04 lm!).

however, my emitter looks like this on low output:


that's on low output.
difficult to correctly capture, but the upper right quadrant of the emitter is noticeably brighter than the rest of it.

here is a related post:

first of all, what's actually going on? i don't even understand how this emitter's constructed (LED noob).
is this a COB with four diodes (or four arrays of many diodes?), and the characteristics just aren't perfectly matched?

second, would you consider this a defect worth getting a replacement over? everything else about the flashlight is fine. with that said, this thing is fairly expensive, and i feel that i deserve a perfect one.

put another way, would you expect that emitter to have any negative impact on the flashlight's resale value? if so, then i think asking for a replacement is reasonable.

thanks guys!


Oct 1, 2004
If the LEDs on higher levels aren't noticeably different in output I wouldn't worry a bit as LEDs differ slightly in efficiency and Vf such that when they are put side by side very low power to them you can see them noticeably differing in output and often tint will differ some too.
This is what is called a 4 die emitter there is essentially 4LEDs on one chip not sure how they are wired some 4 die emitters allow access to each LED so you can wire them in either parallel or series others are hard wired and have to be run how they are either 4P 4S or 2S2P for nominally 3v, 12v, or 6v input.