Users of Nitecore TINI2 and Fenix E03R keychain lights, your opinions, please.


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Aug 2, 2001
For those of you who have or tested/tried both the Nitecore TINI2 and the Fenix E03R (keychain flashlights), which do you prefer and why?

I recently picked up the TINI2 and like it, but Fenix seems to have a reputation for better quality (at least it was in a 2015 thread). The TINI2 has a much higher max output of 500 lumens, but the 260 lumens on the E03R isn't shabby, and enough for most of my uses. There's also the notable difference in price.

Thanks in advance for chiming in.


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Dec 13, 2009
I don't have the Fenix, but I have the Tini2, Ultratak K18 ( 10440 LiIon), Olight i1r (10180 LiIon), Zebralight SC52 (NIMH AA).

The i1r is a nice 1-30 foot light with a middling-narrow beam width. The K18 is much more a thrower, good for 50-100 feet. The Tini2 throws a wide swath of light, good out to 35 feet. The SC52 is a medium-wide light, good out to 120 feet or so.

The time-remaining feature of the Tini2 is fantastic.

I want firefly <1 lumen ability a lot while indoors. After that, it's not till 2000 lumens that it's 'too bright' with the proper wide beam and pointing to the ceiling.

I think the Tini2 is a fantastic small light. I only bought 2 Fenix, and sold one, because there were never enough lumen levels.