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Jun 8, 2008
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Welcome to Walmart Survival. I will be reviewing survival items which are sold at Walmart often for cheap prices. Info from UST.

Cost to Survival ratio. CSR 9 out of 10.

More than just paracord, UST’s innovative ParaTinder combines heavy-duty 550 paracord with life-saving fire tinder integrated into the cord, making it an essential tool in survival and emergency preparedness kits. You can use the 30-foot ParaTinder cord to create bracelets, zipper pulls, handle wraps, lanyards, and more. To ignite the tinder core, simply expose red core thread and light with any fire starter (such as the UST BlastMatch or UST Strikeforce; sold separately). The core threads can also be used as sewing thread, sutures, fishing line, and more.

To ignite, expose red core thread and light with any fire starter such as the UST BlastMatch™ or UST Strikeforce™
• 30 feet of heavy duty 550 utility cord with fire tinder integrated into the cord; great for emergencies when
backpacking, hunting, camping, and more
• Create bracelets, zipper pulls, handle wraps, and lanyards for emergency situations
• Expose red core thread to ignite the tinder core with any fire starter
• Core threads can be used as sewing thread, sutures, fishing line, and more

Paratinder is $4.84 at Walmart so figured worst case I am out $4.84.


Time to put this to the test.


The instructions call for ignition using a lighter and UST brand ferro rods. As this is Walmart survival we will follow the instructions. There appears to be 7 strands one of which is the red tinder cord. Overall it seems like good high visibility paracord which unlike the stuff sold in Home Depot has actual cords not fuzzy strands.


Action shot. Seems to burn very well when ignited via Bic lighter. Granted regular paracord also burns. Like many hydrocarbon based tinder it rains fire.


Time to try a ferro rod with an actual fire. I want to simulate someone without much background in firecraft so will avoid proper twig fire methodologies. Also we won't have enough wood ready to go. This time I removed the inner strand as that's how it's shown on the package when using a ferro rod.




Number one rule of firecraft IMHO is to get and hold a fire. Nothing fancy but the job got done. Ignited good with a ferro rod. Normal paracord inner strands in my experience don't or rather I have never been about to get them to ignite using a ferro rod.


The tinder works great dry but I know what you're thinking. How does it work wet? Paratinder is not sold as wet tinder so my hopes were low. Decided to see if stress on the cordage along with getting wet would compromise the tinder. With Paratinder shoelaces my hopes were low. For this canned Walmart survival situation decided to fish for trout using just my hands. The water was low and I am sure it was done on TV before. Or was that drinking my own ****?


I am working it good!


But no luck despite seeing a trout. Why? Because it's kinda stupid.


The water fall was about dried up however the rocks were wet and slippy plus there is always a chance one could give way. Granted it was only 10 feet but 10 feet is still 10 feet. Just the kinda thing yea don't want to do if lost. Makes no logic so climbed up anyways. Sure it put more stress on the shoe laces so will justify the actions with that. This is Walmart survival after all.


I made it. Now to try the Paratinder. This time I removed the red cord from the soaked cordage even for the Bic lighter test.


Now the Bic. It was actually a bit hard to work the Bic in the wind. Darn windy day.


If I looked surprised it is because I am. The red inner cord held the flame despite being wet defying the wind


For the ferro rod I processed the inner red strand like jute cordage. Hit it with a shower of sparks.


Ignited easier than with a Bic.



I will be adding this to my Tops/Turley PSK rebuild. Good high visibility paracord that really is functional tinder. I was surprised it worked so good wet. Best part is you can have your cake and eat it because there are 6 more stands. Will work just fine as cordage with the inner red tinder strand burned.

Here is a video.

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Mar 10, 2011
Pretty cool stuff. Nice review! I haven't researched cordage too much but for that price might have to change my bear bag ropes out for that.


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Dec 23, 2008
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Picked up a pack of this yesterday, and played with it at work. Very good stuff! Same, tried bic and ferro rod. That waxy red inner strand is fantastic. One note- The Paratinder is oh so slightly thicker than regular 550 cord. I'm replacing some zipper pulls and keychain lanyards with it though. Extra "easy" tinder is always welcome. Thanks again for the heads up, Mr. Walker. :cool:

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