UV transparent binders for glow in dark paint?


Newly Enlightened
Feb 26, 2017
Hello. Just received glow in dark powders and now I'm wondering what kind of binder would best suit to make paint. I plan to paint in UV LED light so 365nm-395nm UV light binder that transmits and is resistant UV is necessary. Binder barrier of course going to be thin so little UV absorbtion shouldn't be big trouble, although as organics compounds age they often yellow thus blocking shorter wavelenghts. Binder should be water, turpentine or less toxic solvent based, also it must not damage pigments and protect them from degradation. Glues and varnishes may have UV blocking agents added. For that and also irreversible loss of solubility after drying acrylic resin is not desired.
I could do some own testing to see what works better but I would be best to see if somebody already discovered best binder.

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