UVC Sanitizer Box - mostly fake


Flashlight Enthusiast
Nov 3, 2009
Ottawa Ont. Canada
Yep that mercury tube is the real thing. I hope they didn't cover the tube with a clear window that blocks UVC. Run the postage stamp test again.
Good suggestion, checked and there is no covering over the tube. It is recessed so minimal risk of damage.

Stamp border lights up, but also does at 365nm, so not proof positive of UV-C but pretty sure due to mercury tube. I have no objects/materials so far which uniquely light up at 254nm, will try to identify some.

Some of these clearouts are still listed online at full price, usually tens of dollars. It's not surprising there is a lot of surplus from COVID, it was an opportunistic market, obvious over-estimation of usefullness and demand for both genuine and bogus products.