Very satisfied with my MTE M3-2I


Apr 20, 2010
Hello fellow flashaholics.

I got my MTE M3-2I XM-L drop-in from Greg McGee Engineering about a week ago, and i have used it a lot. Thought i just wanted to share my experience.

This drop-in fits in the older M3-2I light which used the MC-E LED. I've had the M3-2I with the MC-E for about a year, but i haven't used it much. It was a bit floody without much throw.

Now, with the new drop-in the case is different; The M3-2I uses TIR optic and now with a XM-L LED it provides pretty good throw. This lights up the the woods which are over 200 meters away from me, not bad! It throws more than that too, but i haven't done any testings.

I have also lost the light at concentrate asphalt a few times, and it still works. Seems like the quality is very good.

It's kinda bulky, it looks very tacticool and have a fairly stupid way to change modes. Half push to get a new mode. Hi-Strobe-Medium-Low-SOS-Blink. However, i'm very satisfied with it and it will see a lot of use just for lightening up the woods for a few minutes.

Because it's a bit bulky it will not see much, but i love to use the light while walking around.

Very satisfied with it, but the tacticool look is a turn-off.

It seems like a well-built light with very good output! A bright and wide hotspot who throws. Haven't had any problems with it.

I have no idea if this light is the same as the MTE lights DX sells. This light i have here has a very nice laser print where it stands MTE-USA.

*This is not a review, just want to share my experience.
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Jun 13, 2006
This thread is almost three years old and received no responses in that time.
Surely that means CPF members are neither for or against.



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Nov 11, 2005
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Why doesnt CPFer's have love for MTE products? Am i missing something here???

SPC Smith

I don't think many people know of MTE lights due to their lack of visibility (marketing?). I have been active on CPF for several years and only learned of MTE lights by watching a few video clips.

Some of the other dealers/manufacturers are CPFM sponsors or furnish lights to CPFers for review so they get publicity.