Video*** 2C Mag MC-E from Nailbender = 610 out the front lumens...


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Feb 6, 2007
If you want a Malkoff Drop-in P7 for D size Maglights it will have almost all flood, but throw will be provided due to the 700 plus lumens.

This site is leaving a negative balance on my bank account:mecry:


If some one ever figures out a really well designed snap on/screw on head adapter for P60 size and or Maglight size lights to make them into efficient throwers then we are all doomed. To be able to just unscrew the bezel crown and screw on a focusable lense set system to get a nice tight beam focused with no dead spot in the center and not lose more than 20% of the light that was already coming to the front lense would be awesome.