Voltage question 2xCR123A vs. 18650


Newly Enlightened
Dec 11, 2009
Hello Everyone,

I am looking to purchase a Solarforce drop in. They come in a few varieties but the choices I am looking at are:

1. Solarforce 300Lms R2 Cree Led 5Mode 0.8V-4.2V Bulb

2. Solarforce 300Lms R2 Cree Led 5Mode 4.2V-8.4V Bulb

The problem is this. I want to be able to run a single 18650 rated at 3.6v while still being able to run CR123a primaries rated at 3.0v a piece. So I'm kind of confused as to which drop in to get.

Will the .8v-4.2v still operate with 2 CR123A even though it would equal 6v?

Or would it be better to get the 4.2v-8.4v and hope that the 3.7v in the 18650 will be enough to kick the light on?

I'm really stuck and hope for some help. Thanks.