Want to make/buy laser pointers with EXTERNAL battery

lumen aeternum

Sep 29, 2012
I'm thinking about how to make a laser collimator for binoculars.
I want to use one laser for each side so the binoculars don't have to move during the process.
The lasers need to be collimated to each other, to be on the same optical axis.
So when that is done, I don't want to remove them from the mount to change batteries.
Or have problems reaching the switch.

You can buy modules with 2 wires, but have to find a 5v power supply:

These have 10-15mm dots at 15m, don't know if that is small enough at a couple of feet.
They also make collimators in a tube that screws onto a telescope, they also have a screw to
make sure the laser emits in a straight line & I don't know yet the diameter of the dot.