Was lost and now is found


Aug 1, 2012
Six or so years ago I started a new job that was 75 miles away from my home. Given bad weather and all else that could go wrong, I got a large backpack and filled it with stuff I might need to get home, or just to survive if the car broke down.

I left that place 2 years ago but kept the bag in my car trunk.

Today I went through it and found a bunch of food products and meds that were no longer viable. Even my long term life raft ration bars were expired!.

Digging around I found a small light holster that said Fenix on it. Opening it up I found my old LD10 (R5) single tail switch light! I had forgot that I had put it in there years ago and thought that I had lost it or gave it away.

I always liked that light. Four levels - 3, 13, 45 and 100. Simple UI. Long battery life! Now it's back in my collection and it will be used.

I always considered it an almost perfect light. A reasonably low "low" and on the high end, enough light to do most tasks. For years I've been using a EagleTac D25a Clicky or a Spark SG5. You could even argue that either of those is a better light than the old LD10. But for some reason the LD10 always seemed to be able to handle 95% of what I need a light for.

I still live North of Portland OR in WA State, and now I work in Portland so I'm redoing my Get Home Bag to be more Urban / Portland specific. You know. . . Riot gear. . . Flack Vest. . . AK47. . . :):):) Just joking. Though My Henry AR7 survival rifle has lived in my trunk for many years, and still does.

So I'm happy! Got my LD10 back. .


Dec 16, 2007
Good find! I miss the late 2000s offerings from Fenix. Nice style and aesthetics and simple functional UIs.


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Dec 23, 2008
Penn's Woods
WJV- Always cool to find old things and put them back into use! I like your thinking- a Marlin Papoose has ridden along in my vehicle for years alongside a bag of essentials. A bit of oil and a wipe down once or twice a year and good to go... 👍

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