What amazing people! Had an awesome experience at the shop!


Sep 18, 2012
I'm a new guy around here but have been a lover of all things gadgetry for a very long time! I ordered my first light from Peak last week, a brass hi-cri Eager with a momentary switch and a medium beam ( I would soon change it to a cool tint with a narrow beam). I waited with anticipation for the mail to arrive and raced to the mail box to claim my prize. I ripped open my package waiting to hold my brass Eiger, only to be let down by the black Eiger starring back at me. I quickly shot Robyn an email and a phone call stating stating that I had received the wrong order. I looked at the business card that came with my light and noticed that they were right down the street from me! I asked if I could simply come down to the shop and make a swop and she promptly replied with a yes. I had my "field trip" today and what a treat! I was able to meet most of the team which is almost all family. I saw Robyn setting the optics and she was putting the final touches on my light. How amazing! They showed me some of their one-off lights and other awesome stuff. I had a pocket clip from Dark Sucks and they were able to install it for me as it requires a special momentary switch while I waited and talked flashlights. At the end of my "field trip" I felt like family. I have a great appreciation for Made in US products and to see the light come together was an amazing experience. I will be a customer for life.

A special thank you to Robyn and her family for welcoming me and putting together amazing lights!


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Mar 9, 2011
I've carried a small brass Peak in my pocket for years. I keep it in a small leather case.... the security people always ask me "What's in that?" They are always amazed to see how bright it is!


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Nov 10, 2011
Awesome. That sounds like a flashoholics dream to actually see their light being assembled. You're experience only justifies what I have always thought about dealing with Robyn and Curt. Great lights(have about six peak lights) and they are quick to respond to inquiries and a pleasure to speak with.
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