What annual or semiannual event do you look forward to for playing w/ lights?



Jul 20, 2006
Irvine, CA
I coach swimming for a year round club swimming team. We practice at a community center. Twice a year, us coaches hold a sleepover for the team. The kids get to play hide-and-go-seek in the 2003 built, 26 million dollar facility with all the lights out! They also get to play this game called "Sardines" in the outdoor fields in the dark where one person hides and everyone else looks for them in teams. Parents drop off their kids at 6pm and pick them up at 9am. As you can imagine, this is a flashaholic's field day (or night!).

The previous 2 sleepovers, I've carried my L6 (now cree modded), a Fenix L1Dce, and an X5 and X1 which I didn't use. The powerful L6 was useful during hide and seek, Sardines, and accounting for all of the children. The L1Dce was great because of it turns on on the low setting. We have a theater so we watch a film around 8:30 and then the kids go to sleep. My little munchkins will fall asleep in the theater, so I have to carry them to their sleeping bags in the adjacent room. The L1D was perfect for this.

Our next sleepover is coming up in 3 weeks, and my planned arsenal of lights are going to be a Novatac 120T, a Milkyspit ML1, and my ROP 2C Hi. The ML-1 will be perfect during movie time as well as bed time. The 120T will be used the most for all activities. The ROP 2C will be nice when we play Sardines on the soccer field, plus it's always good to have a "searchlight" when you are supervising 60 kids.

What events do you look forward to, and what do you carry/use?