What are my options - Single AA, warm/neutral w/ OP reflector?



Greetings, I'm new here to CPF. I'm having a hard time finding a warm/neutral (Q3?) light in single AA / 14500 format with an OP reflector for EDC use. Then again, being a newbie, I'm not familiar with all the various brands. What are my options?

My ideal EDC light:

Must have

* single AA

* warm or neutral, at least pure white (no blue/purple/green)

* orange peel reflector

* length not to exceed 4.5

Nice to have

* forward clicky w/ tailstand

* crenulated bezel

* strobe/SOS/beacon options


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Jan 25, 2008
Well, if you can find one (the runs of both lights seem to be limited) either a NiteCore Defender Infinity with/Q3, or a JetBeam Jet 1 Pro v.3 w/Q3. Both use neutral tint Q3s, though I am not sure of the specific tints. The NiteCore DI has an op reflector, forward clicky, and one strobe mode. The JetBeam may come with either a smooth or op reflector, but you can get either separately. It has several disco modes, but a smooth bezel, and a revrse clicky. Both work well on AA rechargeables and 14500 rechargeables. Both of high quality, and have nice beam patterns. With the neutral tint Q3s, these are my favorite outdorr (camping/hiking and just poking around the woods after dark) AA-powered lights.

Both lights are also availabe with an R2 cool white emitter, the Jet i Pro v3 with an XR-E, and the NiteCore DI with either an XR-E or an XP-E. I've both lights with R2 XR-Es and did not notice any blue/green/purple to the tints. But they are cool white, not neutral. These are my AA EDC lights.

I've also tried the Quark AA tactical neutral, and it is also nice, though not, IMO as ruggedly constructed as the Jet or NiteCore. Forward clicky, some strobe/sos modes, but a smooth bezel. I think they are also discontinued, but may be back anytime, and you can sometimes find one on the Marketplace, but not often. Which tells me 1) there weren't many made and 2) those who have them know a good thing, and aren't selling them!


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Jul 6, 2009
I'm in a similar situation. I've got $80 of birthday money to spend on flashlights and flashlight accessories and I'm primarily looking for AA neutral and/or high CRI lights.

I've already got a Quark AA neutral (5A tint). If you can find one, it's an excellent light. If you post a WTB in the marketplace, maybe someone will be willing to part with theirs.

The Jetbeam Jet 1 Pro has an excellent reputation. It's one of the best AA throwers out there, so if you want throw out of a AA light, this is one you should consider. I don't know if it's still available in 5A tint, BugOutGear says "warm" in the drop-down, but describes the emitter as R2 (which is usually cool white), so you'll have to contact them to find out if they really have a neutral version of the light for sale. I'm not normally interested in throwy lights, but the jetbeam is reputed to have a good solid feel, and I've been spoiled by my HDS clicky such that the lighter lights like the Quark feel like toys now.

Zebralight has several neutral AA lights (SC51w, H51w, and variants). These are extremely well regarded lights and I love my H501w, so I find the H51w extremely compelling. My main holdup is that I normally holster carry, and all the Zebralights are too small for that. Excellent clips, though. If I decide I can live with clip-carrying it in my pocket, I'll definitely get one of these. These lights can't use 14500s, but the SC51 is just as bright on NiMh as the SC50 is on 14500 (although the SC50 appears more efficient in low and super-low modes...if that matters to you).

Last light that I'm aware of is the Xeno EO3. It's half the price of the others, but based on the reviews, is a steal at $30. It's available in cool, neutral, and warm white emitters. Same size as the Quark. No clip. I'm half tempted to get 2 of these just to reward the company for offering neutral and warm options.

I wish there were more neutral options out there in AA. Even better, I wish there were any high CRI options in AA.

Anyone know of any other AA options I'm not aware of?



Jul 17, 2010
Anyone know of any other AA options I'm not aware of?

I don't have either of these lights, but they look tempting...

N-Light B2S Stainless Steel CREE XP-G R53C Neutral

  • Length: 95mm
  • Netweight: 80g
  • Use CREE XP-G R5 Neutral Tint : 500,00 hrs lifespan
  • Max output: 240-350 lumen
  • 3 modes of brightness hi>mid>lo
  • Shotrange: 50 meters
  • Stainless Steel 304 body
  • Battery: AA / 14500 (not included)
  • Switch: Stainless Steel tail cap Click on/off (Electric Inching Switch)
  • Waterproof:IPX 8
  • With mode memory
N-Light B9 Stainless Steel CREE XP-G R53C Neutral

  • Length: 100mm
  • Netweight: 100g
  • Use CREE XP-G R53C Neutral tint: 500,00 hrs lifespan
  • Max output: 240lumen
  • Shotrange: 100 meters
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Battery: 1xAA/14500(not included)
  • Waterproof:IPX 6
  • The filter included.
  • Switch: SS Tail cap Click
- Jas.


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Jul 6, 2009
I'd never see the N-light models before. I followed your links and noticed they also have a AAA neutral clicky (a rare breed).

However, I couldn't find reviews of these lights anywhere. Does anyone have first-hand experience with any of these N-light lights? Are they quality lights or cheapies with impressive sounding specs like DX lights?



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Mar 27, 2005
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Here are a few warm or neutral 1AA options, some discontinued, that have most of the features you want:
Jetbeam Element E3P Q3-5A (forward clicky); the 5A tint will be hard to find. 21.5 x 100mm.[/LIST]
  • JETBeam Jet-I Pro v3.0, reverse clicky, Cree Q3, 5A tint (warm), orange-peel reflector; sold at Goinggear.com, bugoutgearusa.com, lightjunction.com, and Amazon
  • Malkoff Devices M31W in a FiveMega 1AA body from Lighthound
  • Nitecore Defender Q3 (warm tint)
  • Nitecore EZAAW (warm) 83-84mm, rotate head for off-low-high.
  • FourSevens Quark 1xAA Tactical in warm
  • FourSevens Quark Mini AA Neutral White
  • Tank007 TK-566 1-mode 7B tint (sold only in Asia)
  • UniqueFire AA-S1 (3W Osram LED)--I think this is neutral
  • ZebraLight SC50w, SC51w, SC51wf

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May 4, 2006
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I just got a new 1(AA) light made by Xeno. It is the e 03 model and it's a great light for $28. You can get cool, neutral or warm. I have the neutral and it seems perfect for me. 3 modes...med, low, high. No memory- comes on in medium. There is a great diffuser available for $6 also. Look for Tactical Hid in the marketplace. This light runs a long time on 1 battery. It can use any AA. 140 lumens on high- runs great with any rechargeable. Highly recommended. At this price- buy a dozen!

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