What are the dangers of exposed Lithium cells with and without meltdown?


Newly Enlightened
Sep 3, 2010
I have to ask because I'm a bit worried about my friends dog. His brother dropped his cell phone that contained a Lithium battery a while back and his dog thought it made a dandy chew toy :huh: The battery swelled but had a few punctures and didn't appear to be smoked or melted in any way.

I was always aware of the dangers of over current, over charge, over discharge, etc. But now reading about HF coming from LiIon meltdown I must say I'm terrified! I've had an open Lithium rechargeable cell before, I didn't touch it, but I looked at the layers of the bat (bat was taken apart to see if it had protection, it didn't but the top came off very easily :eek:oo:).

I think it would be nice if we had a sticky explaining a bit of this. Google searches bring me to many drug references (for Lithium in treatment of bi - polar disorder) lots of various battery life sheets etc. but i can't find much about HF, or the danger of a Lithium cell that's in down to earth easy to understand language.

Thanks in advance guys, it's always a pleasure to visit here!