What did you use your flashlight for today?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jul 26, 2010
Near the Big Apple
Used my HDS NLT with Surefire diffuser and a Surefire 6p with a 16650 and an unknown Xenon lamp (marked just 15W- Xenon Lamp 3.7 volt) to hunt for fireflies with the kids.

Barely used the lights but it was especially fun to use the incandescent- it's amazing how bright the lights are in the dark.

As far as the NLT goes- with the diffuser it blends the beam nicely but I prefer a warmer tint for the outdoors.


Dec 20, 2012
Northern New Jersey
Last year during the 4th of July weekend, my daughter hit a bump and broke a rear shock mount on her CX5. She drove through the lincoln tunnel from Manhattan to NJ while it was making a sound that she described as though she had "run over a bicycle and was dragging it under her car."

She pulled over, just outside of the tunnel, and had it towed.
Long story short, the mount is a Mazda only part. It is made of cheap pressed bi-metal. When I picked it up at the dealership parts counter, I was told that they break all the time.

Last night I got a call from my grandson, he, his brother, and mother were on their way to a celebration, where he and others were to receive college scholarships. My daughter ran over a grate, or something and the car started making a terrible racket. She pulled into a parking lot, and called an uber.

Later after work, and after their celebration, we met at the car. I decided to bring my Convoy C8 to investigate. It has a narrowly focused beam that allows one to look deep into the crevasses. I suspected that the shock mount on the other side broke. I was right.

This morning I'll go to Mazda when they open, and bring the otherwise unobtainable part to my mechanic (where her car was towed) and have him install it. Hopefully he'll be able to get to it and have it done by 2:30 today because she'll need her car for a weekend trip.

Oh boy, the fun never ends.


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Sep 24, 2016
Bangkok Thailand
I'm using Surefire G2ZX and Barton walk around my house 10:00 PM


Flashlight Enthusiast
Apr 24, 2015
Phoenix, AZ USA
I used my PD36R to inspect a small melted fuse that was getting all sparky.

BTW in some situations, soldered-in fuses are really dumb.
Oh no! It's like the dreaded axial-lead 'picofuse'!! I guess it's a minimum cost thing for the manufacturer, but when things pop that aren't supposed to pop, it's a pain for some of us:-(