What happened to my Tenergy AA's


Newly Enlightened
Oct 2, 2008
I've been trying to move in to the more advanced levels of charging and caring for my NiMH AA cells. Recently I purchased a Maha 9000 and the BC9009.

I had 8 Tenergy AA's that I used in my son's RC controller so I pulled them out and did the break in on the Maha. They came off at a respectable 1900-2100 mah's for all 8. Since I purchased them sometime in 2009 and the rating was 2400 mah, I was pretty pleased with that.

Now after partially draining the batteries this weekend I popped them into the BC9009 and took the default 200ma charge rate and when they were done not a single cell showed more than 500 mah?

Wow I don't get it. Is the 200ma too low and the charging false quit before it was really complete? I thought that could only happen with too high of a charging current.

Any education would be appreciated.