What happened to the Legends at Wal Mart?


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Nov 4, 2001
I bought an LX at WallyWorld in Shreveport (not the one west of town on I-20) a coupla months ago.

Lux Luthor

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Nov 10, 2000

I got my Legend AAs today. I like them. They're a very nice size, and fit very well in your hand. I think they're definitely better than minimags. The click rear switch is a nice feature, and makes the light feel much more tactical. The rubber grips also offer a nice improvent. They're otherwise very similar to a minimag.

My only criticism is that the push button is made of plastic, and is kind of loud when you click it. A machined aluminum one would probably be quiter, and have a more solid feel. I still think they're good lights, though.

I wonder why Surefire doesn't make a 2AA light. As I said, it makes a nice sized tactical light. Maybe now that they're coming out with regulated lights and are using electronics, they will. At least I hope so.


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Mar 27, 2002
San Diego
San Diego Walmart has Legend 2AA's, Nexstar 2AAs , Maxfire 2AA's, Pro Max mini 2AA's -- Every 2AA your little heart could want. They even have that funny oversized LED flashlight that looks like an designer lipstick for giants.

The Legend LX rod is still out-of-stock empty.

I see no eveidence that they have ever sold the Legend 3AA which I want, even without a LAMBDA Illuminator mod.

Does anyone have a Pro Grip 5-3-2 or a Pro Max 5-3-2? If so, do you play with it much?

Th3 5-3-2 lights have a Bezel headpiece, a switch module, and endcap, a 2-battery extension, and a 5-battery extension. You get to 5-3-2 either by using all pieces or leaving out the 3 or the 2.

I could imagine buying two of these and having fun by chosing between assembling a modular 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,or 10 D tubular flashlight. The possibilities are limited only by the physics of stress if you buy more of them, I suppose.

The only place I've ever seen the 5-3-2's is on Brinkmann's web site.
http://www.thebrinkmanncorp.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DID=8&User_ID=358418&st=1623&st2=82700814&st3=-87275069&Product_ID=256&CATID=2http://www.thebrinkmanncorp.com/acb/showdetl.cfm?&DI D=8&User_ID=358418&st=1623&st2=82700814&st3=-87275069&Product_ID=256&CATID=2