What is your go to low lumen output flashlight?



Hi everyone,

I have been lurking here for too long so here we go.

Not to step on the thread about post apocalypse flashlight I would like to ask which flashlight with low level output do you use?

My reasoning is in a situation like that remaining unseen is key (assuming you have anything that you do not want others to take from you) but you would still need to be able to walk at night so as not to be detected during the day.

I want to use AA batteries and will use the foldable solar charger that charges 2 or 4 batteries at a time, but this charger does not have auto turn off but at least its packable.

So far I like the Zebralight SC51 the best with its 6 modes of operation while the H501w seems nice with its all flood and may be a good choice for walking at light. Does anyone have any 1 or 2 AA flashlights that you think may work besides the Quark AA2 Turbo S2 (which come in second)?