What NOT to do with an LX (or, how my LX is broke, but still works)

Tater Rocket

Jun 25, 2001
Close to St. Louis, MO, school at Rolla
Don't drop it... repetedly. Yes, I know the way I tested this would not be covered under warranty, so I won't even bother to try. First a little background:
It is the holiday season, with that, comes lots of sweets and candy. My mom makes some AWESOME cinnamon hard candy, but the way you make it is have the stuff all melted, then pour in a pan and let it cool/harden. You then take a hard metal object, and beat the crap outta it. We use a metal handled butter knife. (Yes, I realize this is not Martha Stuart, but I am getting to the point). Anyway, some of these peices are quite large, and most are pointy. Sometimes you hit a very hot spot in the cinnamon candy, and having a very LARGE peice that is very hot makes it somewhat unpleasant, so we try to break it into fairly small pieces. Sometimes the pieces do not end up small. I take the candy to school and give it to a few people who also like somewhat small pieces. So, I take the bag, set it on my desk, take out my ever-present (yes, I carry it EVERY day, no matter where I am) Legend LX, and beat it with the corner of the bezel. I figured, hey, it is a freakin' pound of aluminum (yeah, an exageration, at least a little anyway), it should take the experience. I did this probably on 3 seperate occasions, for maybe a total of 25 or so strikes, probably not even that many. I figure the strength I was hitting it, and the number of times would be equivalent to a years worth of use falling out of the average persons hand or pockets from waist or chest high. It left a couple little dents in the metal, but not too bad. The bigger dent (still not that large) is from where it fell out of my pocket from waist high, so apparently I was not hitting it all that hard. Anyway, I still have not gotten to the point where it is broke... yesterday I took off the head and noticed the little ceramic disk is broken into 4 or 5 little pieces, but they are still retained, for now. The bulb is a bit wobly, but no moreso than normal I don't believe. I am just waiting for the little ceramic pieces to fall out :( Then it WON"T work because nothing will be there to hold the little metal things for the bulb to go in. KT, you planning on ever putting the normal bulb back in the LX? If not, I'll buy that little ceramic disk from ya... If I cannot obtain a replacement, or if we don't have pliers that would be able to take out that snap ring, I guess I will have to go without an LX, because I can not afford another $20 right now, I don't have a job any more, so I have to watch where I spend money. Come on snow.. I need money, when it snows I get out and snowblow for about $40 an hour.

Another way this light is "broken", but still works is the tail cap. I have noticed about 5 times just fairly recently (in the past week or two, before I broke the candy with it :) ) that I have gone to use it in momentary mode (not pushing it until it clicks), and it failed to light up. So, I clicked it all the way in, and it lit up, so I unclicked it. Of those 5 times, 2 of them, it failed to light when it was clicked into the "on" position. I had to shake it, and tap it against something before it would come on again. I hope this does not happen often. When I want light, I want light. That is why I love having the momentary/clickie switch at the end of this light. My Tec20 is good for long periods, but by the time i have it out of my pocket and I turn the head, I usually don't need the light any more.

So, has anybody else noticed that their switch was not working right, or that your ceramic do-dad broke when you dropped the light from chest high or lower a couple times?