What special light have you become reacquainted with?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Sep 16, 2004
The Heartland of America
Greetings, fellow CPF'ers!:wave:

I just fulfilled one of my lifelong flashlight dreams (with the help of Tombat) by buying almost the exact Surefire rechargeable 6P (this one is a 6R) setup that I bought about 20 years ago (my first serious flashlight...the one that started it all for me), then sold a few years later, and have regretted selling ever since. The nostalgic value of that first serious tactical light has stayed with me for years. It rather seems like the feeling from buying and using all other subsequent lights paled in comparison to that first serious Surefire tactical light setup.

This absolutely makes my day... It is the best Christmas present I could ever give to myself.:)

Do any of you have any similar stories? Stories of being reacquainted with a lost flashlight loved-one?